Strengthening capacities to implement active remote sensing technologies in environmental research

ActiRS4ENV project
Project ID: 23LCG-1E016
“Strengthening capacities to implement active remote sensing technologies in environmental research”

Funded by - Call: Supporting capacity building of the research laboratories or groups-2023, The Committee of Higher Education and Science of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Armenia

Project coordinator - Shushanik Asmaryan


International cooperation - Prof. Fabio Dell’Acqua, Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, University of Pavia


The project is aimed at reinforcing the CENS capacities in the field of application of active remote sensing (RS) systems in environmental studies. 


To attain the aim the project sets up the following objectives: 

  • Assessing the capacity building opportunities of the GIS & RS Department and creation of a road-map of extension of local scientific partnership in Armenia.
  • Implementing pilot research cases on assessing the opportunities of application of systems when providing a qualitative & quantitative assessment of above-ground living biomass (AGB) in natural & anthropogenic geosystems of Armenia via adapting ML models in the field of passive & active RS data fusion and harmonization. 
  • Creating a platform for building the research capacities of young researchers (YR) in Earth Observation (EO).


Results expected: 

  • A revised 5-year program of GIS & RS technologies strategy development at CENS and a road map of expansion of the cooperation at the national level. 
  • Active & passive RS data- and ML model-based methods of assessment and mapping of AGB in natural and anthropogenic geosystems. 
  • Expansion of CENS’s Data Science and ML team and creation of YRs’ scientific capacity development “platform” in the field of the EO.