Development of Models Methods and Software Complexes for Supporting Sustainable Development of Ecological-Economics System of the City on Example of Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Project manager from CENS: Armen Saghatelyan

Funded by։ Higher Education and Science Committee of MESCS of the Republic of Armenia

Project Consortium։ RFFI-2018, CENS and Central Economic and Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Password: 18RF-092

Duration: 2018-2020


Project is aimed at elaboration of theory and development of new models, methods and algorithms ensuring sustainable development ecological-economic system of the city when implementing system of constraints and preferences of governmental regulator.


The project will include:


  • Collection, processing and clustering of initial data on key characteristics of the ecological-economic system of Yerevan, RA.
  • Development of a multi-agent imitation model of the ecological-economic system consisting of a number of interacting subsystems: models of the behavior of enterprise agents producing harmful emissions, household agents, urban transportation systems, and the government as the main ecological regulator.
  • Creation of genetic evolutionary algorithms to solve the multi-criteria optimization problem of the urban ecological-economic system belonging to the class of high-dimensional problems.
  • Development of software complexes representing an integration of simulation model of ecological-economic system of the city, optimization algorithms, subsystems of Pareto Front visualization, etc. with WEB-interface.
  • Development of a multidimensional information data storage and other subsystems supporting the sustainable development of the city's eco-economic system.