“Micro-credentials for Higher Education systems of Georgia and Armenia: South Caucasus lighthouse project”

The Erasmus+ MICRO-GEAR program was introduced on H1 news, aiming to bring new micro-qualifications to the educational sector of Armenia. Lilit Sahakyan, the director of the Ecocenter, explained the essence of micro-qualifications, discussed upcoming courses, and emphasized the need for legislative changes essential for the successful implementation of this initiative.

Micro-qualification is a short course designed to offer specialized educational programs within the framework of continuous education. To integrate this micro-qualification into Armenia's higher education system, legislative changes are needed.

As part of the project, the Ecocenter plans to develop a micro-qualification course in environmental sciences. Lilit Sahakyan highlighted the importance of starting this course, noting that the field of environmental sciences has been remained open both scientifically and professionally due to the inflexibility of current legislation legislation regarding the integration of new professions.