CENS team members made a poster presentation at the international Goldschmidt 2023 conference (Lyon, France)


On July 9-14 at the international Goldschmidt2023 conference, held in Lyon (#France), the Head of CENS Department of Environmental Geochemistry Dr. Gevorg Tepanosyan and Head of the Information and Analytical Center for Food Chain Risk Assessment- Dr. David Pipoyan made a poster presentation.


G. Tepanosyan's reports were related to the determination of the chemical composition and size of dust particles deposited on the leaves of the green wall installed for one of the kindergartens in Yerevan, and the assessment of the change in the level of risk to children's health due to the green wall effect.


The poster presentation by D. Piopayan was devoted to the assessment of the dietary impact of reproductive toxicants - Pb, Mo and Ni.
The reports aroused great interest among the conference participants, an agreement was reached with representatives of a number of countries to conduct joint research, and the report of D. Pipoyan aroused interest especially among participants from England, the USA, Canada, Israel and Italy, there were active discussions about the impact of heavy metals on the introduction modern assessment methods.