GIS & Remote Sensing

Shushanik Asmaryan

Head of GIS and Remote Sensing Department

PhD in Geography

The research activities of the GIS and Remote Sensing department are oriented to implementing geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing technologies in multidisciplinary environmental studies and establishing the remote sensing component of environmental monitoring system in Armenia.


GIS and RS technologies are applied for assessing and monitoring

  • Landscape stability associated with climate change
  • Urban ecological comfort and urban heat islands
  • Agricultural lands (pastures, grasslands, vineyards etc.)
  • Soil, water, plant stress and pollution
  • Inland water bodies


The department is recognized for well specialized professional staff. It is well equiped for passive (satellite, arial and field spectroradiometric) and active remote sensing technical capacities.
The GIS and Remote Sensing department has a strong network of local and international patrnership, which supports the implementation of joint research projects, publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and continious training of specialists in the international and educational centers․
Since 2022 a new “Data science and machine learning” research group has been formed in the department, which supports the enhancment of the methods of the remote sensing data processing by adapting the best ML algorithms.