CENS offers a comprehensive range of scientific services to private businesses, government, local authorities, NGOs, and individuals

 Firstly, this covers scientific investigations, monitoring and testing in different areas including

  1. Assessment of ecological status of sites
  2. Mining industry impact assessment
  3. Environmental and health risk assessmentINVETIGATION_1
  4. Food and feed quality assessment
  5. Development of target greening (tree planting) programs
  6. Field work implementation
  7. Water quality assessment
  8. Assessment of grassland status
  9. Spatial planning and data management
  10. Landscape stability assessment
  11. Development of thematic maps and databases
  12. Geospatial data processing and sharing
  13. Development of daily ration for animals
  14. International Certificate of management system quality ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP