Radioecology Department (RD) was established at CENS in 1989 on a basis of a group of specialists who started radioecological studies in 1958. Since then the RD has collected a wealth of factual material about radioecological situation in Armenia’s different regions: city of Yerevan, towns of Kajaran and Kapan, the Ararat Valley, basins of Rivers Kura and Araks, Lake Sevan, and so on.   
The current scope of main research activities of Radioecology Department includes:

  • - Radioecological assessment and mapping of sites
  • - Radionuclide migration in the environment
  • - Naturally occurring radionuclides detection in construction materials
  • - Radon monitoring
  • - Radioecological risk assessment


RD closely collaborates with Radiation Safety Laboratory Armenian NPP; under a cooperation agreement between CENS and ANPP a consortium of labs has been built. Also, RD collaborates with organizations in the field of radiation safety of NIS countries, Norway, the USA.  The experience of international collaboration provides favorable conditions for development and implementation of national and international scientific projects in the area of radioecological monitoring, radiation risk assessment, simulation of processes of radionuclide migration in the environment.