Executor department: CENS
Duration (Years): 2018 - 2021
Contractor: 11 organizations

Call: Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education Call 2018 EAC/A05/2017, Selection Year 2018

The overall objective of the project is to significantly improve the quality of postgraduate studies in the field of Environment Protection in Armenia and Georgia on the basis of complex modernization of postgraduate studies in line with the Bologna principles, Salzburg principles of EAU and best European practice.

Operational objectives:
- To study the best practices in postgraduate studies organization existing in Europe and partner countries (specific focus on education-research integration). To identify the possible directions and existing limitations for curricula reforms on the basis of national educational standards, Bologna and Salzburg principles, best practice 
- To develop and prepare for accreditation new and improved MSc curricula (including core and transferable segments). To implement modernization of relevant MSc curricula in all participating Partner countries Universities.
- To develop and establish innovative teaching/learning environments (International Postgraduate Summer School, shared Education and Research Laboratory for Environment Protection)
- To evaluate the new curricula and teaching/learning environment through pilot implementation (curricula delivery + evaluation of learning effectiveness and learner satisfaction, training of teachers/supervisors, master classes). To ensure the sustainability of the project results
- To ensure high quality of project outcomes 
- To inform the academic communities in the partner countries and Europe of the project results and ensure the broadest possible impact on the respective postdoctoral studies systems. To prepare and promote the Innovative Master Degree  Introduction toolkit for other Universities.