CENS role: Principal Investigator
Executor department: GIS & RSD
Duration (Years): 2018 - 2020
Funding Source: State Committee of Sciences of MES of Armenia (SCS MES of Armenia)

The project goal is developing a high- and ultra high-resolution (<2m) data-supported research method for studying heat islands in Yerevan area. The project tasks to be fulfilled to achieve the stated goal are as follows: (1) Assessing spatio- temporal changes in land use (site development) in Yerevan with application of satellite imagery (Sentinel-2, Quickbird, Worldview2); (ii) developing spectral signatures of Yerevan heat islands derived from ultra-high-resolution data (UAV imagery); (iii) analyzing spatio-temporal changes in climatic parameters and specificities of Yerevan heat islands. Results expected upon completion  of the project: (i) spectral signatures of urban heat islands derived from OA high-resolution satellite (Sentinel) imagery and ultra-resolution aerial (UAV) photos and model algorithms developed on the basis of these spectral signatures; (ii) an integrated base of spatio-temporal maps of heat islands being originated in Yerevan area.