National Research Council of Italy-Institute of Agroenvironmental and Forest Biology

The IBAF pertains to the CNR Department of “Earth System Science and Technology for the Environment.” It was established in 2002 joining  the Institute of Agroforestry (IAS) of Porano, the Institute of Biochemistry and Plant Ecophysiology (IBEV) of Montelibretti (Rome), and the Center for Studies of Biology and Control of Plant Pests of Legnaro (PD). In 2004 it joined IBAF the research group of the Institute of Territory Planning and Management (IPIGET) while in 2007 IBAF activated at Cinte Tesino (TN) a Research Unit by Thirds Parties  to study “Environmental Change in the Mountain Territory”

The IBAF scientific mission, according to the memorandum of association, is to carry out across its Organization Units the activities of basic and applied research on the following thematic:

  • Interactions between plants and the environment;
  • Anthropogenic effects on the ecological balance;
  • Biological and evolutionary processes and mechanisms in plants in relation to the environment;
  • Ecophysiological mechanisms and productivity of agricultural and forest plants.