The Armenian delegation have participated in a regional workshop organized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)

On October 21-22 in Tbilisi, Georgia, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has organized a Practical Workshop on chemical and microbiological risk assessment, with representatives from EAST-ENP countries who work in the field of risk assessment. Informational-Analytical Center for Risk Assessment of Food Chain of CENS NAS RA, as a representative of Armenia, is closely cooperating with EFSA. The Head of the Risk Assessment Center, David Pipoyan and the Head of the Expert Group, Meline Beglaryan were invited to this workshop. The objective of the workshop is to discuss new challenges in the field and understand the experience and the priorities of the EAST-ENP countries through practical discussions. The Armenian delegation has presented the latest achievements in the field of risk assessment in Armenia, particularly the implementation of the FoodEx system for the introduction of international methods of food consumption, as well as the latest publications in international high impact factor journals in the field of chemical risk assessment. The members of the delegation are included in different working groups and presented the results of the group work at the end of the workshop. 
This year, the EU Food Safety Authority funded also the participation of the representative of CENS for the EU-FORA program. This was an unprecedented step considering that the program is designed for EU member states and with the support of EU Armenia is able to successfully introduce the advanced experience on food risk assessment. 
In his Facebook page, Engagement and Scientific Cooperation Officer at European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Stelios Koulouris expressed his gratitude to graduates of the EU-FORA induction training Meline and Georgia’s representative for the very successful presentation on predictive microbiology.