MENVIPRO in Tbilisi

Regular coordination meeting within the MENVIPRO project took place at Ilia State University (ISU) and University of Georgia (UG) during these days, where Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Nicolo Merendino presented the ongoing activities of MENVIPRO project with special focus on the organization of Summer School to be held in Yerevan in August-September of 2020. Then, the local hosts Prof. Avtandil Tavkhelidze and Prof. Kakhaber Tavzarashvili introduced their universities including the master and bachelor programmes. In ISU Prof. Avtandil Tavkhelidze presented the lab instruments and measuring devices, as well as various types of sensors (i.e. infrared, magnetic field, optical, pressure etc.) which are taking environment-related measurements. In UG Prof. Kakhaber Tavzarashvili presented various programs implemented in UG, different learning modules. Afterwards, the university lecturers presented environment protection related courses such as Environmental Microbiology, GIS technologies etc. Later, the MENVIPRO consortium discussed the Summer School schedule, topics and other related activities.