Risk assessment of trans-fatty acids in foods sold in city of Yerevan

Project manager from CENS: Davit Pipoyan

Funded by։ State Committee of Sciences of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Armenia

Password: 19YR-4A037

Duration: 2019-2021


The primary aim of the project was to provide a comprehensive information on the presence and daily intake of trans fatty acids in the population's diet in Yerevan city. By conducting surveys and analyzing TFA levels in target foods, the project scope was to assess the extent of TFA consumption and its implications for public health, with a focus on aligning findings with international recommendations for TFA intake.


Expected Outcome:

The research highlighted that the daily intake of TFA didn’t exceed the recommended limit set by the World Health Organization, but there is a  need for regulatory measures to minimize TFA consumption.