Environmental geochemistry

Dr. Gevorg Tepanosyan

Head of Environmental Geochemistry Department

PhD in Biology

The Environmental Geochemistry Department has been involved in complex investigations of environmental compartments, including

  • Multi-media geochemical surveys and mapping
  • Compositional data analysis and machine learning
  • Eco-geochemical assessment of the environment and identification of pollution sources
  • Ecological and Health Risk Assessment


The Department's investigations are focused on urban, mining and agricultural sites and cover almost all environmental compartments: soils, water, dust, snow, crops in terms of potentially toxic elements (PTE) contamination, pesticides, etc.


The Department leads and participate in various national and international projects, grants and contract-based research. Currently, a rich, dynamic geochemical database has been compiled that helps us to study the geochemical association of chemical elements in various media, reveal elements spatial patterns, identify their sources, and assess ecological and health risks.