H. Movsesyan, R. Aroutounian, L. Sahakyan, Sh. Asmaryan, H. Galstyan, G. Bazikyan, H. Martirosyan, A. Saghatelyan;                             Biological Journal of Armenia,                             2013,                             3,                             pp. 69-74;                                                     
The article covers a study of correlation between cancer incidence in children and juveniles and indices of air pollution as well as levels of heavy metal pollution of the territory of the Yerevan. No significant correlations of oncological diseases in children and juveniles in Yerevan were revealed with data on air pollution. Spatial correlation between the maps of distribution of oncological cases and values of summary index of heavy metal pollution of soils in 12 districts of Yerevan lead to obtaining the picture of superimposition of the number of disease cases and geochemical series produced for the same sites. The outcomes indicated no correlation of those indices in that case as well.
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