A. Przybysz, G. Nersisyan, S. Gawroński;                             Environmental Science and Pollution Research Journal,                             2018,                                                         pp. 1-10;                             DOI: DOI 10.1007/s11356-018-3628-0                        
The aim of this work was therefore to examine the accumulation of PM and selected trace elements (TE) by three species, evergreen coniferous Taxus baccata L. and Pinus nigra Arn., and deciduous Carpinus betulus L. during the winter season. The highest amounts of PM accumulated on the foliage of P. nigra, while TE on the leaves of C. betulus. Most of the PM accumulated on plant foliage belonged to the large fraction size (10–100 μm) and was deposited on the surface of foliage (SPM). The concentration of four TE (Ni, Pb, Cd, and Sb) was higher in PM accumulated on foliage, while in the case of three other TE (Zn, Cr and Mg), their concentration was higher in plant tissue. The TE were recorded in all PM size fractions and were rather equally distributed between surface PM (SPM) and in-wax PM (WPM).
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