O. Belyaeva, K. Pyuskyulyan, N. Movsisyan, L. Sahakyan, A. Saghatelyan;                             National Academy of Sciences of RA, Electronic Journal of Natural Sciences,                             2020,                             1 (34),                             pp. 34-40;                                                     
This review generalizes results of radioecological studies implemented in Armenia in a period from the 1960s till the early 2000s. Specificity of geographical position determines the maximum of global atmospheric radioactive fallout in high mountain regions of the country. Several facilities can potentially influence the radioecological situation of Armenia: the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, a spent nuclear fuel repository and interim storage facility for radioactive waste. Runoff of many rivers of the basin of Araks and Kura (major water arteries of South Caucasus) originates on the territory of Armenia. The aforesaid peculiarities determine the key role of Armenia in transfer and distribution of radionuclides in the region.
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