A. Saghatelyan, S. Arevshatyan, L. Sahakyan;                             New electronic Journal of Natural Sciences, Yerevan, NAS RA,                             2003,                                                         pp. 36-41;                                                     
The article is devoted to the problem of heavy metal pollution of Yerevan. A method of complex assessment and pollution zones mapping was applied basing on heavy metals summary concentration coefficient. For each of the 5 determined pollution fields the characteristic by separate elements, their sum, and their geochemical associations (by medium value of concentration coefficients vs. the background) is provided As found out, typical of the whole of Yerevan (225 km²) is a geochemical series — Pb(6,4)-Ag(4,4)-Zn(3,7)-Cr(3,2)-Cu(2,1)-Ni(1,4)-Co(1,4),Mo(1,4), in which domination of lead mostly steps from a long-term use of ethylated gasoline, printing houses-induced emissions, domination of argentums is explained by the functioning of a number of enterprises and uncontrolled activities of photo laboratories.
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