H. Hovhannisyan, G. Nersisyan, A. Saghatelyan;                             In book of proc. of XVI Inter. Eco-Conference “Safe Food”, Novi Sad, Serbia, 26-29 September,                             2012,                                                         pp. 331-336;                                                     
The article provides a review of results for 1995-2007 on ecological assessment of heavy metal pollution of vegetables growing on private home-gardens in the city of Yerevan and on sampling done in 2011 from the main markets of the city. The analysis of monitoring data indicated nickel and lead accumulation in vegetable produce emphasizing basil and pepper in concentrations which were manifold excessive vs. MAC values. The ecological expertise of vegetables in the city’s markets supported a necessity of improving the control over farm produce exhibited in Yerevan’s markets.
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