D. Pipoyan, M. Beglaryan, S. Stepanyan, G. Gharibyan;                             Agriscience and Technology,                             2020,                             70 (2),                             pp. 92-96;                                                     
This study aims to assess the dietary exposure of trans-fatty (TFA) acids through the consumption of ice-cream in Yerevan. To this end, 24-hour dietary recall method is used to investigate the ice-cream consumption. TFA contents in ice-cream samples are determined using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. On the average, people consume 0.018 g/day TFA through ice-cream for the whole year, while 0.111 g/day in summer. TFA intake through ice-cream consumption accounts for 0.007 % and 0.041 % of the total energy intake for a year and for summer season, respectively. Comparing with the WHO’s threshold (less than 1 % of total energy), the daily intake of TFAs via ice-cream consumption during summer warrants some concerns.
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