B. Mezhunts, D. Givens, E. Deaville;                             Int. Seminar "Conversion potential of Armenia and ISTC Programs", Proceedings, Part 2,                             2002,                                                         pp. 153-156;                                                     
Currently, Armenia experiences an acute deficiency in forage materials. I the past years, areas of sown grasses and amounts of imported forage resources have drastically reduced. In this situation, a necessity arises to use local natural resources more rationally. This paper is dedicated to the technology of assessment, selection and cultivation of local high quality forage species, with respect to current demands to the quality of forage for animal husbandry. The paper provide a brief analysis of published scientific studies on forage in the country, basic goals and objectives are identified, criteria for assessment of nutritive value of forage are clarified. The UK party will ensure implementation of measurements of metabolizable and digestible energy properties of forage. Realization of project will contribute to creation of strong feeding base in the country and expansion of our knowledge in this field of science.
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