Sh. Asmaryan, V. Muradyan, L. Sahakyan, A. Saghatelyan, Warner;                             GlobalSoilMap - Arrouays et a. (Eds), London, Taylor & Francis Group,                             2014,                                                         pp. 429-432;                                                     
The article considers the approaches of the development of the remote sensing methods of the assessment of the levels of heavy metal pollution of soils by collation of multi-spectral satellite imagery and geochemical data. As a result, direct and reversible correlation links were revealed between absolute total contents of heavy metals (Pb, Cr,V, Ti, Cu, Zn, Mn) and spectral values of soils on the satellite and spectrophotometric images, which can serve as a background for qualitative assessment of heavy metal contents in soils and creation of a remote monitoring system.
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