N. Maghakyan, L. Sahakyan, O. Belyaeva, M. Kafyan, G. Tepanosyan;                             National Academy of Sciences of RA  Electronic Journal of Natural sciences,                             2017,                             1 (28),                             pp. 10-15;                                                     
The contents of Hg, Cd, Mo, Pb, Ni, Cr, Co, Ag, Zn and Cu in soil and dust from kindergarten area of city of Yerevan, Armenia, were measured by Atomic absorption spectroscopy. Summary pollution index (SPI) and Summary concentration index (SCI) were calculated to evaluate the heavy metal contamination levels. Non-cancerogenic health risk was assessed bassed on the US EPA Health Risk Model. The results show that contents of Cd, Mo, Pb, Ni, Zn, Cu were higher than local geochemical background in all samples. The content of Pb was higher than Maximum Acceptable Concentration in all dust samples, Zn- in soil and outdoor dust, and Cu in indoor dust. According to SPI the level of pollution was medium in soil, low in leaf dust and high in other dust samples. SCI pollution levels were acceptable in all samples. Risk assessment shows that there is no health risk for children.
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