V. Muradyan, Sh. Asmaryan;                             Geocarto International,                             2015,                             30,                             pp. 1077-1091;                             DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2015.1013065                        
Regional landscape-ecological studies have acquired a special topicality as they assure efficient environmental conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. A landscape-ecological analysis was performed based on four basic integral indices: (1) ecological potential, (2) ecological stability, (3)ecological load and (4) ecological tension. The values of basic integral indices of the landscape-ecological analysis were calculated as sums of respective factors expressed in scores and multiplied by their significance reflecting coefficients. In agreement with that rule, a formula was derived of calculation of basic indices of landscape-ecological analysis. Subsequently, those factors were integrated by ‘Model Builder’ in ArcGIS applying ‘Weighted Sum’ functions. Finally, through geographic information systems modelling, maps of basic indices of landscape-ecological analysis were produced. In conclusion– ecological potential, stability, load and tension are best indicators for the assessment of the landscape-ecological situation of the studied territory.
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